Why Adopting a Stray Cat will be the best decision of your life

Why Adopting a Stray Cat will be the best decision of your life

Adopting a Stray Cat

3 Great Reasons Why You Should

Guest Writer: Alex Roger

Animals have always shown to change human behavior for the better. They help increase happiness and even beat depression. There have been numerous studies and research on this topic but even if you don’t believe in the studies, there are so many people who time and time again have reported how adopting a cat or a pet have turned their life around.

Why Adopting a Stray Cat will be the best decision of your life

There is a story of the drug addict, who used to play music on the streets to get his fix, who turned his life around and started an established career after he met a injured cat under a stairwell. He took this cat to vet and started to take care of him. Soon his drug problem ceased to exist and the duo were happy and making more money than ever. If you want to read the complete story, you can read it here. If a stray cat could bring such a huge improvement in this man’s life, it could do the same for you.

It has been proven by numerous people who have beaten depression by adopting a cat and gained a better perspective in life. If you are still on the fence about the idea of adopting a stray cat, we want to give you three reasons why adopting a stray cat will be the best decision of your life.

You will learn true love.

It is a true fact that somewhere deep below we all are a little broken and in our busy and fast lives we forget love. We forget the key feeling of it. When you adopt a stray cat, you don’t just adopt one you find yourself in the cat.

As you take care of your new buddy, you take care of him, you feed him and you give him medicines. And in this phase you learn to love again. That broken piece of you heals when you realize you have just given life to another being.

As the cat heals and bonds with you, you will realize what tender loving and caring can do for someone. The cat will do it for your soul. You will feel fuller.

Why Adopting a Stray Cat will be the best decision of your life

You will become more responsible.

A house of cat requires maintenance of litter boxes, feeders and vet visits. More than that, cats require extra care and attention, as they do not trust anyone fast.

You will have to leave them be, and let them take their own time. He may often eat alone at first, but its not because they don’t like you. They take time to trust anyone and when a stray cat has gone through so much, it may take even longer for them.

Don’t worry though, when he begins to trust you, he will come and rub himself against you. This is a sign of affection and trust in cats’ language. At the end of the day, this will teach you patience and make you more responsible about yourself, and the little guy.

You will live in the moment.

Once your cat has fallen in love with you, he will fill your life with absolute joy and I know it sounds cheesy and you are thinking every cat owner says this, but they all say it because it is true. Cats are always so calm, you might even think they are meditating, calm in one position looking at nothing. Then all of a sudden, you see him running around chasing nothing.

You will learn the importance of every second in your life and how important being calm in life is. A cat will fill your life with joy.

There are so many reasons to adopt a cat, if I were to list them all it would take me forever. Everybody has different reasons to adopt a cat and many reasons not to. But the life changing experience that a cat will bring in your life is going to be worth it.

Guest Bio: – Hi, I am Alex Roger, and I write about cat litter on my blog www.heartministryga.org. I am trying to help new cat owners who are confused in the world about litter and litter boxes find the best one for their house.

Why Adopting a Stray Cat will be the best decision of your life




Do you have a pet that has changed your life for the better? Tell us how?



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