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Not Only Do These Dogs Pray Before Eating, They Clean Up Afterward Too

Do Your Dogs Pray Before Eating?

Well, not only do these four dogs pray before eating, but check them out cleaning up afterwards too!  There’s nothing I admire more than a well-trained dog.  Sometimes people think that dogs aren’t too bright because of the way the dogs act, but I’m here to tell you that dogs can, and do, learn very fast if you just spend a little time in their training.  The thing is that you have to be consistent as well.  You can’t train them, yet let them get away thing things you don’t want them to do.

Anyway, watch this short video to see four dogs pray before eating.  Make sure you watch it to the very end.  Do your children do as well as these dogs?  🙂

Dogs pray before eating

Aren’t they fantastic?  It’s such a pleasure, in my opinion, to see well-trained dogs such as thisJeanne & Star.  I had a German Shepherd that I took through extensive training, but I never thought to train her to pray.  She was such a great dog.  We used to do Agility Training which was a lot of fun (and good exercise) for both of us.  She died several months ago.  She was 14 years old and died of bone cancer.  Rest in Peace, Star.  This is dedicated to you.

Just for Fun

Here are a few other pictures, just for fun.  I don’t know these dogs, I just think they’re adorable.  Thee dogs pray before eating too.

 dogs pray before eating

Dogs pray before eating Dogs pray before eating



MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAYDo you have any stories to share about dogs?  Do you love them? Hate them?  Why?

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    • Yes, that was really cute. What a great group of dogs. I applaud the trainer. Thanks for for stopping by, Mocha Mama. This is your first time, I believe, so welcome. I hope you’ll come back again for a visit before too long. Take care.

  1. We lost our dog about a year ago, she was a black and white Shelty. It really is like losing a family member, but I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything. I agree one hundred percent that dogs have a great capacity for learning. It’s up to their owners to get them the proper training, otherwise they have only themselves to blame. Cheers.
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    • Aww, sorry to hear about your loss, Allan. It hurts, doesn’t it. I’m afraid we’ll be losing another one before the year is out. It’s so sad to see them grow old and sick. Thanks for your comment! Come back soon! 🙂

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