How to Properly Clean Rabbit Hutches

How to Properly Clean Rabbit Hutches

How to Properly Clean Rabbit Hutches

By Guest Writer:  Cormac Reynolds

Rabbits make excellent pets and they can be extremely good companions, particularly for children.  In fact, having a rabbit as a pet can help younger people to have a sense of responsibility by helping to take care of these intelligent creatures which include the more mundane, but essential task of cleaning rabbit hutches, to ensure the rabbit maintains optimum health.

How to Properly Clean Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit hutches can create a safe and warm environment for these lovely creatures, however as this will be their home for regular periods, it is important to ensure that the hutch is clean. It isn’t the most pleasurable experience, but if the welfare of your pet is important, it will become a task which is second nature because you know that it will create a healthy lifestyle for your amazing pet.

Cleaning out a rabbit hutch for the first time can be daunting if you are unsure where to begin and to ensure you are maintaining the rabbit hutch correctly. Substandard cleaning will risk the health of your rabbit and helps to create a rather uncomfortable environment for your pet.

A good practice to adopt is to clear any rabbit droppings away every day before you undertake a deeper clean once a week. This will make the task of cleaning the rabbit hutch much easier. It goes without saying that failure to implement a good cleaning regime will increase the risk of bacteria and potentially cause avoidable illness to the rabbit.

Thankfully, rabbits tend to go to the toilet in the same area which makes the task a little bit easier! However, you can also train your rabbit to use a litter tray which will help to keep the hutch clean. This practice is very common and also helps to make cleaning that much easier.

Part of the deep clean requires disinfecting the hutch and replacing any hay, newspaper and wood shavings.  If there are remnants of fruit and vegetables which have been left by your pet, you need to remove them as they will become rancid and can make your rabbit ill.

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Disinfecting requires you to use soapy water and a disinfectant – it is wise to ensure that any cleaning materials are pet-friendly or your rabbit may become ill. Good soapy water with a disinfectant often suffices, however, many people like to add a disinfectant separately to ensure traces of harmful bacteria are removed.

After thoroughly scrubbing, you need to ensure that the hutch is thoroughly dry and that newspaper is replaced and bowls are cleaned. Fresh water should be placed in the newly cleaned bowl.

A rabbit hutch should be a safe and warm environment for your pet and by ensuring that the hutch is cleaned properly and maintained regularly, you will help to ensure that your rabbit remains healthy. You will also help to keep the hutch in good condition.

How to Properly Clean Rabbit Hutches

GUEST BLOGGER: Cormac Reynolds is a writer for Home And Roost


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  1. Yes, Rabbit’s hutch should be clean on a daily basis or at least once a week to keep the healthy environment for your rabbits. So, we should buy a such rabbit hutch that can be cleaned up easily. Yorkshire 5ft Rabbit Hutch & Run and Yorkshire Luxury 5ft Rabbit Hutch & Internal Run are some of the best rabbit hutches in which we find a removable timber plinth for easy cleaning purpose.

    Thanks to share the great information for us.

  2. Ih I remember my great grandmothers when I was a child– I could only imagine cleaning that was just awful– nastier when it was hot.

  3. I had forgotten what a choir it was cleaning the rabbits cages when I was a kid. Does this bring back the memories. My dad was awesome when it came to cleaning. He built running pens that we put the rabbits in while we cleaned the cages. and he had special cleaning tools just for them. then when it came to clean up the manure,that all went to a special compost, because it was so hot,for the regular compost.Lots of work, lots of learning, but well worth the experience

    • That is a nice experience to have as a child, Dianna. I’ve never had a rabbit, actually, but I have had a LOT of chickens. You should try cleaning a chicken coop someday. Both steamy and hot! Thanks for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate it when you do. Ciao!

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