How to write catchy headlines

How to Write Catchy Headlines That Appeal to Both Humans and Google

Do You Want Know How to Write Catchy Headlines?

Do you know how to write catchy headlines that will appeal to both Google and real human beings?  Headlines don’t have to be boring.  It’s a common misconception that SEO writing has to be stale and bland in order to catch the eye of search engines that don’t understand irony or wit. How to write catchy headlines

It used to be that headlines were short and filled with keywords in order to attract the search engines. While this traditional, SEO-based headline is still viable, content is now becoming more and more related to user experience.

It is absolutely essential for Google to find your content and use it to help you rank, but you do not need to make this your first priority.  You also need to think about what your readers, prospects, and/or customers are searching for.

“How to” posts, for example (such as this “how to make catchy headlines” post),  are popular because so many people are searching Google for answers to their questions.  This is why you need to hone in to what the masses are searching for.  If you can product content that the people are searching for, your headlines won’t be boring or stale, and your site will rank improve.

How to Write Catchy Headlines That Appeal to Both People and Google

It is said that five times as many people will read your headline versus your actual body copy. Headlines are the key that gets your reader to click on your blog post or article (or not). You have to appeal to the reader’s emotion.  They have to feel that their questions will be answered or that their curiousity will be satisfied.

At the same time ,you have to balance this with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to be found by both readers and Google and all the other search engines.  Include keywords, but also include story elements that stir emotions among readers.

How to write catchy headlines

How to Write Catchy Headlines

And when it comes to writing content for pages, don’t use the same headline for the article and the page; after all, the page title is really for the search engines, and the article title is to catch users’ attention. This gives you the freedom to focus on what users are searching for and what headlines will attract them, while still having consideration for your SEO efforts.

Here are a few headline ideas that seem to work the best:

1)  How-to Guides

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people are searching for answers to questions on the Internet.  Headlines that either ask a question or answer it can be very effective.

2) Top 10 Lists (or any #)

Readers love lists because they are easy to skim.  By adding a few of these into your content marketing, you can benefit as well. You can promote your knowledge on a specific topic and begin to situate yourself as an industry expert.

3)  “Versus” Comparisons

Readers like this because they are able to assess two different products or services on one page. Not only that, it gives you the opportunity to target multiple keywords.


MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY: These are just 3 simple ideas of how to write catchy headlines.  How many more can you think of?  Please leave your ideas in the COMMENTS section below.

How to write catchy headlines


I hope you have enjoyed, “How to Write Catchy Headlines That Appeal to Both Humans and Google

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44 thoughts on “How to Write Catchy Headlines That Appeal to Both Humans and Google

  1. Hi Jeanne Melanson
    There is no denying the fact that Tittle of the content must be unique and eye catching.Am using this trick and its really working.
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome article.
    keep posting.

  2. Hi Jeanne,

    Ah yes, catchy headlines. I think the better your headlines are, the more traffic you will get. I’m a personal fan of using lists headlines. They seem to work really well for me. I also like to add humor and controversy every now and then. Some great tips on how to use catchy headlines Jeanne! Thanks for sharing!
    Nate recently posted…5 Tips on How Build Credibility OnlineMy Profile

  3. Thank you for osting these tips! You hear this all the time about the importance of headlines, but I think we all tend to forget. It’s easy to spend the afternoon creating a few posts and then forget the titles are what actually bring the reades to your piece!

  4. Jeanne, I don’t know if there is a more important topic or aspect to blogging, or emailing for that matter. We can have the ‘greatest’ content in the world, but, if nobody reads the blog or opens the email, what’s the use? Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!
    David W. Murphy recently posted…Video Surveillance SystemsMy Profile

    • Hello, David. Nice to have you here. Yes, the headline has to be the most important thing in order to get people to read your articles, or view your website, for that matter. In this modern world of “I want it NOW” if you don’t have their attention in the first few seconds, they are gone. Sad, but true. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Sometimes it is not so easy to come up with a catchy title, but i agree it needs to be catchy.. I sometimes scour the internet for titles and mash them together

  6. Great article as always Jeanne! I like how to articles, which are catchy, but I also like articles that have steps in them as well. That way you are not reading an entire paragraph and your audience can actually skim through the page and still get as much out of the post as they do when they see the title. 🙂
    Krystle recently posted…Nutritious Foods to Give to Your KidsMy Profile

    • I agree with you there, Krystle. I like article that have things broken down into steps as well, or bullets. Skimming is a great way to sum up an article to see if you want to read the whole thing more carefully too. I often end up bookmarking some of those to read later. Thanks for stopping by! Take care.

    • That’s true, Scott. It’s the same for newspaper headings. It has to peak your interest, or you simply move on. Hey, I’m glad you stopped by for a visit! I do hope you will come again soon! Cheers!

    • I love posts with lists too. And bullets. It gives it an airy feel, not too stuffy, and easy to skim. Thank you for visiting my site, Christy. That’s nice. Come back soon, okay? Peace.

    • Headlines are one of the most difficult parts of writing for me too. It seems like there’s a lot of pressure attached to it, doesn’t it? I like “having permission” to write for people just as well as for SEO. Thanks for visiting! I apppeciate you and your comment.

  7. Hi Jeanne,

    You are absolutely right – catchy headlines are what grab the readers attention foremost. That’s how they visit your blog, so if your headlines aren’t good – it’s going to be tough to get traffic to your blog, other than the regulars who visit your blog, isn’t it?

    How-to titles, numbers, lists, controversial titles work best I think, and I keep trying all their variations to see what works, it just needs to be catchy 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Become a Professional Blogger: Lessons from Pro bloggersMy Profile

    • Hey, Harleena. It’s always an honor to have you visit my site. 🙂 I always listen to all of your advice when it comes to writing blogs because you’re a professional. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you!

    • I like your analogy, Nomusa, that your headline is like the front door to your house. It is true that you want to attract a certain type of person to come in, or to read your blog. I like that and will use it sometimes. Take care now.

  8. Jeanne, I love each! Anything with numbers, or which poses a question, seems to resonate with my audience. No challenge here; do what works. Stick with headlines that get clicks. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog, Frank. Yes, it is especially important to write good headlines if you are advertising, for sure. Both Adword and Facebook ads will be a waste of money if they don’t catch a buyer’s attentions. Good reminder. Thanks.

  9. If any body knows about SEO, it would by you! You live it! Don’t be modest either girl, you are really good at it! Keep it up sweet pea, you are the regnant blogger! Jon

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