HTML Code for Visually Impaired

HTML Code for Visually Impaired, Website Accessibility for the Blind

HTML Code for Visually Impaired?  Did You Know?

Did you know that there is such a thing as HTML code for the visually impaired?  I did not know until today that website accessibility for the blind is an important factor to consider when creating a website.  Wow.  That’s cool.  I used to be legally blind, so this really hit home for me.

HTML Code for Visually Impaired

I just recently started taking an online course in how to build a website from scratch.  I already know some basic HTML, but was surprised by this one particular fact that I learned today, that HTML code for the visually impaired is nothing new.  I tried to find out when this all actually came about, but could not find a time frame.  If you know, I’d love to hear  it.

If you’re anything like me, you use WordPress or something similar to write your blog posts.  Your HTML code is nicely done for you so you don’t realize the intricacies of writing code.  Anyway … here are two of the basic codes that I’m referring to, the code for “Boldface” and “Italics.”

HTML Code for Visually Impaired

HTML Code for Visually Impaired

You’ll also notice that the word “boldface” is darker. That’s because in the source code, that word is enclosed in tags. The word “italic” is slanted. That’s because that word is enclosed in tags.

You may be wondering why the tag is <strong> rather than <bold> or <boldface> or <b>. That’s actually because <strong> plays a couple of roles. In a Web browser, it makes the text look darker (boldface). It will also cause a screen reader for the blind to say the word with some added strength when reading the page aloud.

The <em> tag for italics is similar. The em is short for emphasis, and it makes the text look italic on the screen, and it also makes a screen reader for the blind speak the word with some emphasis when reading the page aloud.

The <b> and <i> tags will still work to make boldface and italics, and they’re still part of HTML. But they have no effect on screen readers for the blind. It’s always good to extend your horizons a bit and think about everyone who might read (or hear) your page. Also, using <strong> and <em> is courteous to blind users who can’t see or read your text.

If you would like to learn more about HTML Code for Visually Impaired, and website accessibility for the blind, here are two sources for you.

– Improving Your Web Site’s Accessibility

– 5 Ways to Ensure Your Site Is Accessible to the Visually Impaired

Blind People Smile

I hope you have learned a little from reading about, “HTML Code for Visually Impaired”

QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY:  Do you write HTML code?  Had you heard of this or realized the reasoning behind it?


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  1. Hi Jeanne Melanson
    Fabulous article. I enjoyed it. I hope this article may helpful and useful for blind peoples and besides blind peoples all other peoples may also use these HTML codes.
    Thanks for sharing
    Good job

  2. Hello Jeanne,
    Wonderful lesson to learn about HTML Code for Visually Impaired ! Basicallymost of people do face same issue & problem in HTML Code ! No one has good & right knowledge But Anyone can learn it very easily.

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    Thanks for letting me know that such a thing exist. I was totally unaware of this. Today I was talking with one of my friend on developing a site for blinds which uses screen reader. So, stumbling on this very post is an awesome coincidence that happened.
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    • That’s interesting, Adrienne. See, I never realized that this would be a requirement, but am so glad that it is. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and I hope you’ll come back soon! Take care.

  4. Wow, I’m not blind and I am still lost. The blind could lead me on this one. That is so cool that a blind person will smile even if they have never seen a smile! Thank you Jeannie, keep it up! Jon

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