An Engineer's Humorous guide to cats

Engineer’s Humorous Guide to Cats Video, Things You Never Knew

Engineer’s Humorous Guide to Cats

~ Things You Didn’t Realize You Never Knew About Cats ~

This Humorous Guide to Cats video is, well … humorous.  Especially considering it was done by a couple of Engineers, who are usually portrayed as dry human beings who only care about machines and technology and don’t have time for their emotions. However, in this amusing video we can see their sensitive side. These engineers enjoy their cats’ company. They eat together, sleep together and even work together!  Check it out now.  You’ll enjoy it.

An Engineer’s Humorous Guide to Cats

None of the cats, humans, or engineers (as far as I know), were mistreated in the making of this film.  The cats were however, possibly slightly annoyed.  The dog, Winston, didn’t seem to have a problem with being in the video.  He looked like he was having fun, in fact.

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P.S.  I didn’t really mean what I said about engineers at the beginning of this post.  Just being flippant.  Sorry.

An Engineer's Humorous guide to cats


I hope you have enjoyed, “Engineer’s Humorous Guide to Cats [Video], Things You Never Knew About Cats

MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY:  What did you think?  Humorous?  Do you have cats … love cats … hate cats … tolerate cats … never gave it a thought?  Go ahead and share with us in the comments section below.  Thanks!  See you down there!

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