laughing buddha on the train

Laughing Buddha on the Train, Try Not to Laugh When You Watch This

Laughing Buddha on the Train

~ Can you watch this without laughing? ~

Laughing Buddha on the Train

There’s just something about laughter that’s quite contagious. Scientists have studied the brain to see why this happens.  It appears that when the brain is exposed to human emotions, negative or positive, it triggers a particular part of the brain called the premontor cortical region.  This region pre­pares the mus­cles in the face to re­spond ac­cord­ing­ly.

But the re­sponse was great­er for pos­i­tive sounds, sug­gest­ing that these were more con­ta­gious than neg­a­tive sounds, ac­cord­ing to the group.

The re­search­ers be­lieve this ex­plains why we re­spond to laugh­ter or cheer­ing with an in­vol­un­tary smile, which often turns into laughter.

There you have it!  It’s proven science.  I love this, don’t you?



Did this video make you laugh?  What kind of mood were you in before / after?  Did you resist at all?

Laughing Buddha on the Train


I hope you have enjoyed, “Laughing Buddha on the Train“.

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8 thoughts on “Laughing Buddha on the Train, Try Not to Laugh When You Watch This

  1. Hey Jeanne
    Found your site while looking for Laughing Buddha after I saw it mentioned in a book I was reading – sorry it has been taken off but since there are few accidents in the world I will assume there may be some synchronicity going on here and pass on the name of the book to you – Liquid Luck by Joseph Gallenberger – and as a side note “bliss” is one of my top 10 words.
    Cool webpage

  2. Jeanne, another wonderful post that you provided. I could not stop laughing. Your right laughter is contagious and totally can just brighten your spirits when we laugh. Thanks for always bringing the quality and value as you always do. I cannot believe it took those people on the train as long to laugh and smile.. He had me smiling and laughing once he started.. 🙂
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    • I know, he had me smiling right away too. This actually happened once when I was on a subway train in London. My traveling companion started it. Everyone was just so serious, no one looking at anybody else, so she started laughing and it caught on. It was hilarious!

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