Nervous Illness Can Bring About Other Diseases

How Nervous Illness Can Bring About Other Diseases, Anxiety, Depression

Nervous Illness Can Bring About Other Diseases

Author: EvelynMartha

How is it possible that nervous illness can bring about other diseases?  The human nervous system is a very complex structure and before we discuss about nervous illness, it is important to understand the Nervous Illness Can Bring About Other Diseaseshuman nervous system. As we know, the brain is the body’s command system which controls and regulates everything within the human body. It is the nervous system that connects the brain with all the parts of the body. One can think of a silicon chip for an example here. Just like we have pathways that carry the electrical impulses from one part of the chip to another and finally to the Integrated Circuit that is positioned to carry out the important task. Similarly, the nervous system connects and carries all impulses from various parts of the body to the brain. It is an intricate web of nerve and nerve cells that together become the human nervous system. When the blood flow to this system is constricted or when disease afflicts, this can create the beginning of nervous illness in humans.

What is important is that the nervous illness can lead to a variety of other disease in the body. These could be afflictions such as blood flow disorders, troubled auto immune system, tumors, degeneration disorders, trauma and so on. Disturbance of nervous illness can cause various other issues too, especially in younger children, leading to imperfect development and various imperfections. In adults, these brain-related complications can also result in paralysis attacks and worse. Some of the symptoms one can see in younger children are as follows:

  • Severe headaches
  • Change in activities and of movements
  • Garbled speech
  • Lack of bodily coordination
  • Trembling and rigid muscles

In similar circumstances the adults display other types of symptoms:

  • Malfunction of Thyroid glands
  • Acute depression and anxiety attacks
  • Epileptic seizures
  • A general breakdown in the vital parts of the body

When various symptoms of nervous illness begins to show, a person should definitely visit a neurologist for a general diagnoses. The neurologist is a doctor who has specialization in the study and treatments of nervous ailments. They assist in diagnosing the nervous illness we have and provide the latest in treatment and advanced methods to bring a cure from the symptoms.

Dr. Claire Weekes Portrait
Dr. Claire Weekes

One of the few people in the world who have brought great relief to people with symptoms of nervous illness was Dr. Claire Weekes of Australia. She was profound in her wisdom and understanding of how the human mind works and has provided great remedial measures for countless people till her unfortunate death in 1990.

Although she is no more, she made sure she left behind a legacy of book, video and audio files that people all over still use today with remarkable results. There are many sites online where you can find help with her methods and you can sign up in one of them for further information and guidance. Those that have undergone the experience of listening to her audio or video files say it’s a startling thing that it does for them. They say it gives them a whole new perspective on how to deal with their nervous illness and are touched by a new sense of goodness.


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How Nervous Illness Can Bring About Other Diseases


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18 thoughts on “How Nervous Illness Can Bring About Other Diseases, Anxiety, Depression

    • Yes, Lawrence, you are right. Our nervousness can be felt by invisible forces, for sure, whether it is our own internal structure, or another physical being. Intriguing, isn’t it? Hey, thanks for visiting my site! 😉

  1. Hi Jeanne,

    Thanks for bringing up this topic! Nervousness can be linked to so many illnesses. I noticed this symptom with my mom and took her to the doctor for it. She poo pooed me and said it was because of all the stress she was under.

    Ends up, she had super high blood pressure due to a heart condition.

    Wise words when you say see a doctor!

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  2. Wow! Very interesting! I was listening to an audio yesterday sharing how our thinking makes us sick! Interesting finding of how the body reacts =)

    • Yes, Kenee, it is interesting to see how the mind and body are so connected. One can’t be a certain way without affecting the other. It’s complex but beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • You are abolutely right about that, Vince. If anyone has symptoms of depression or anxiety, they really should get help. It can create so many problems, not only mentally, of course, but physically. Oftentimes, people don’t connect the two, which is a mistake. Thanks for stopping by, Vince.

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