Sir Nicholas Winton British Shindler

Sir Nicholas Winton British Shindler Holocaust Savior, 104 years old

Sir Nicholas Winton British Shindler, Holocaust Savior, 104 years old

Sir Nicholas George Winton, MBE (born Chain Wertheimer; 19 May 1909) is a British humanitSir Nicholas Winton British Shindlerarian who organized the rescue and passage of 669 mostly Jewish children from German-occupied Czechoslovakia who were destined for Nazi death camps on the eve of the Second World War in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport.  Winton found homes for the children and arranged for their safe passage to Britain. The UK press has dubbed him the “British Schindler“.

Sir Nicholas George Winton humbly kept his efforts a secret, until his wife found scrapbooks about the children in their attic. Winton was Knighted by the Queen of England, who said of Winton: “It’s wonderful that you were able to save so many children.”

Sir Nicholas Winton, Nicky’s Children, the Czech Kindertransport –
Watch as he realizes that he is sitting next to one of the children, now an adult.

Interview with Sir Nicholas Winton

In that last video, Sir Winton says:

Relative to the magnitude of what happened afterwards, it was nice to have helped some people but it was not a very great thing in the whole picture of the world and what happened later.

He also says:

I feel very pessimistic. With everything that’s going on, and the lessons the world should have learned, they’ve learned very little from it.

We’ve lived through 100 years of the greatest inventiveness that mankind has ever known and now we’re in the most dangerous and critical position that the world has ever been in.  The world is in turmoil.

But there is something that could unite everybody, and that’s the fundamental ethics.  If people who would forget, for the moment, their idea of religion and live by the fundamental ideals of goodness kindness, decency, love, and honor, we would be in a different place.

Sir Nicholas Winton celebrated his 104th Birthday on May 19, 2013.


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21 thoughts on “Sir Nicholas Winton British Shindler Holocaust Savior, 104 years old

  1. Jeanne,

    His quote is spot on. Like His Holiness, our religion should be kindness. No dogma, no dividing, no judging. Look out for other people. Help. Serve. Be kind. Smile. How the world will continue to change for the better as we follow these basic ideas. Awesome post!

    • That is so true, Ryan. The world would be much better off if we just showed basic consideration for others and treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves. It’s just so darned simple! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, and for your comment too. Cheers

    • Thank you for your comment, Nomusa. I can’t imagine how he must feel, knowing that he has helped all those people, and that most are still alive as well. Beautiful story. I’m glad you stopped by.

    • Yes, it is inspiring, Andy, especially because of the fact that he didn’t tell anybody. If his wife hadn’t found an old suitcase in the attic all the records and documents in it, we may never have known. Wonderful story, awesome man.

  2. Hi Jeanne,

    This is very inspiring. It’s good to see someone like Sir Nicholas is sharing his story with the world. He’s also one of the few still living! Thanks for sharing this Jeanne!

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