Strangers coming together

Strangers Coming Together in a Very Unique Way [Video]

Strangers Coming Together in a Very Unique Way

Check out this short video to see how a photographer persuades strangers coming together to do something really odd … Strangers coming togetherand they totally love it.

They are a little apprehensive at first, but then they warm up to the idea and what they experience surprises them.

One woman sums it up quite nicely at 1:30.

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And remember … Speak kind to a stranger, cause you never know …

Jeanne Melanson, Animal Bliss

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10 thoughts on “Strangers Coming Together in a Very Unique Way [Video]

  1. Excellent video Jeannie, a unique twist to photography and human nature! Interesting animals aren’t we? I love you… The Birdman

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