Terri Calvesbert

Terri Calvesbert, Amazing 10 Year Old Girl, Story of Courage and Love

Terri Calvesbert

One heck of an amazing young girl

This is the story of an amazing 10 year old girl, Terri Calvesbert.  When she was only 22 months old, 85% of her body was burned in a house fire.  She has had 80 surgeries so far in her short life, and many, many more to come as her body grows into adulthood.  I hope you’ll take the time to listen to her story.  She is truly an inspiration.

Published on Sept 5, 2013

The video mentions that Terri’s mother left soon after the accident.  I was curious about that so I did a little research to see if I could find the mother.  Julie Minter is her name.

Julie admitted in an interview that it was just too painful to look at the horrific injuries inflicted on 22-month-old Terri Calvesbert, who lost her nose, hands, hair and ears.  She suffered from immense guilt.  Why?  Because the fire was caused by a cigarette she left if the baby’s room.  She could not stand to look at what happened because of her own mistake.

Her way of coping with that guilt was to stop seeing her. So just months after the accident, she cut all contact with Terri for 10 years.  Julie, now 32, said:

“This accident would not have happened if it was not for me. I could not live with what I had done, knowing it was my fault.

“She got on with it and I struggled, which says a lot about her. I just thought, ‘I cannot go back, I cannot see her like that’. If I was not there, I could not see her and if I could not see her, then the guilt might not be so bad.”

Julie had actually been separated from the father, Paul Calvesbert, for several months at the time of the accident.  She was at his house taking care of baby Terri while Paul was at work.

SOURCE:  Express

Terri Calvesbert – An Amazing Child

Terri has since endured 40 skin-graft surgeries as the skin has to be replaced as she grows. When she stops growing, the 15 year old will have facial reconstruction surgery, including her nose.

She has forgiven Julie for causing the fire but has found it harder to forgive her for walking away. But they have kept in touch by phone since being reunited three years ago.

Terri Calvesbert

MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY:  Terri is an impressive young lady, is she not?  So strong!  I’d love to hear your comments, but PLEASE don’t voice any hateful comments about Terri’s mother.  We should not judge her decision.


I hope you have enjoyed, “Terri Calvesbert, Amazing 10 Year Old Girl, Story of Courage and Love

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42 thoughts on “Terri Calvesbert, Amazing 10 Year Old Girl, Story of Courage and Love

  1. What a story of Courage from Teri – and a deep one about life, what a blessing it is, and we have to appreciate what a fighter Teri is, and wish her the absolute best for her future operations and ability to grow into a beautiful young lady.
    She is humbling, as Alison says and I love Teri’s sense of herself!!
    Thanks for sharing this very encouraging story Jeanne
    Jacs 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Why Start An Online Business?My Profile

    • Terri sure is an amazing being, that’s for sure, Jacs. We can all learn so much from her and her vibrant spirit. She humbles me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leaving a comment too! I appreciate you, Jacs. Peace

  2. I never will have any room to feel sorry for myself ever again! Wow, what adversity this little girl has been through and continues to go through! Thank you for an eye opening experience Jeannie. I love you baby! The Birdman

  3. Hi
    Truly a painful story. It shows that how a mistake or negligence of a father spoil a life of a baby. But salute to this girl for her brave and courage.
    God mercy on her.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Terri is in deed very brave and I am amazed at her courage.She deserves everyone’s love and support.As for her mother we are not in any situation to judge her, it was her way of dealing with her pain.So glad that Terri is able to forgive her mother for such a tragic accident.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Greek Feta and Potato Balls.My Profile

    • Thank you for your visit and comment, Nayna. I do appreciate it. Terri is an amazing person, isn’t she? I’m glad that she has forgiven her mother too, and that they are in touch again. Peace to you, Nayna.

    • Thank you for your comments, Michelle. Yes, Terri truly is amazing and there are so many lessons to be learned here, from Terri, her dad, and her mother too. I’m glad you stopped by! Take care.

  5. Jeanne, thanks! Terri. Is. Power. I love it, and have intense admiration for her. Rather than focus on what she experienced – which I can’t fathom – I see her bulldog determination. She is spirit, and the body bit, well, she knows that this comes, and goes, and is subject to change. Awesome, awesome spirit here.


    • Isn’t she wonderful, Ryan? We can all learn powerful lessons from this young lady. Such power, as you say. She’s never known anything else. She just is. I love her. Thanks for your comment and for sharing too. 😉

  6. Hi Jeanne
    Thank you for posting about this story. I can’t even imagine what this girl has gone through. It is things like this that make me realize how so many of the things I find ”challenging” are anything but. These types of stories are great reminders that often times, many of us are being ungrateful tools, and hopefully it will make us more thankful of the things we take for granted.
    Kelli recently posted…Transmuting Grief into Positive Change: Lessons from the Death of My FatherMy Profile

    • “Ungrateful tools.” I like that. 😉 Yes, we need (I need) people like Terri to remind me that life is good. There are so many people who would give anything to live my life instead of theirs. I am grateful. Thanks for your comment, Kelli. I always appreciate you. Peace.

    • Thank you for your comment, Carolyn. Yes, it is sad that her mom couldn’t have been more involved, but at least they are in touch now and things may change. Hopefully so. Peace to you.

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