What is Networked Blogs ? Bring Your Blog to Facebook and Twitter

What is Networked Blogs ?

What is Networked Blogs?  Technically, it is “NetworkedBlogs” (one word).  Well, it is the biggest news reader on Facebook, with nearly 1,000,000 blogs around the world.

Networked Blogs Offers:

  • Easy news search based on blog popularity
  • Thousands of topics to exploreindex 2
  • Add your own blog. Be part of the largest blog reader community
  • Vote up and share the latest news
  • See what blogs your friends follow and write
  • Syndicate your own blog with Facebook profile, fan pages, groups, applications and Twitter
  • Add a blog tab to fan pages and applications.

What is Networked Blogs ? 


Connect your blog on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and find out what your friends read and write on the largest social blog directory on Facebook.

General Information

Networked Blogs supports multiple blogs, RSS and ATOM feeds, and fan/business pages. It offers the best way to import your feed. Get your blog networked with the largest blogger community on Facebook.

Manage all Your Blogs in One Place

You can register as many blogs as you own, and have a column for each one on one page. Easily share your posts to social networks, and get a quick overview of the status of your blog. Plus get discovered by more followers.

More places you can get stuff done:

    • Syndication page
      set up automatic publishing of your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter;

WHAT NOW?RegisterWhat is Networked BlogsGet a widget like the one in the right column here for your own blog site to attract more followers!

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What is Networked Blogs


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