10 Dog Breeds You Never Knew Existed, World of Canines

10 Dog Breeds You Never Knew Existed

Have a look at this video from BuzzFeed showing you 10 dog breeds you never knew existed.


My personal favorite?  Any Mastiff will do.  How about you.  What’s your favorite dog?

10 Dog Breeds You Never Knew Existed

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It’s just sexy!


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5 thoughts on “10 Dog Breeds You Never Knew Existed, World of Canines”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was cruising around your site, and just got lost! you have TONS of great pet info here… I am a proud pet mama of 3 dogs (two Alaskan Klee Kais and one rottweilier) and a little calico kitty!
    Thanks for all the awesome reads!

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