Amber’s Sugar Gliders, One Cat, One Dog, and One Horse

amber's sugar gliders

Amber’s Sugar Gliders by Amber Owsiany Sugar Gliders (Petaurus Breviceps) have been on my ‘to-write-about’ list for some time now.  I’ve had numerous requests from curious people to write something about these little sweethearts. While doing research one day I came across a Sugar Glider group and left a message there asking if anyone had … Read more

Unique Wombat Facts You Will Want to Share, Trust Me

Unique WOMBAT facts

Unique Wombat Facts Say what? You may not be aware of these unique wombat facts I bring to you today, particularly if you live anywhere but Australia and on scattered islands nearby.  Wombats are pudgy, short-legged, muscular mammals are approximately 3 feet (1 meter) in length, and weigh between 44 and 77 lb (20 and 35 kg).  … Read more