6 Tricks You Should Teach Your Dog

6 Tricks You Should Teach Your Dog

Guest Writer:  Andy Bell

Nothing comes close to the unconditional love you get from your own dog. They can keep you company and they can keep you entertained, and they do all this expecting nothing in return.

No matter how bad a day you’ve had, you can always expect to come home to a jumping, licking and excited bundle of joy that waits for you all day. Dogs, as we know, love to please and to keep them sharp you may need to train them a little bit. Basic training that involves sitting and staying on command are necessary, but here 6 tricks you should teach your dog you won’t find anywhere else:

6 tricks you should teach your dog

6 Tricks You Should Teach Your Dog

1.  Open and close doors

Be careful with this trick. It’s a great skill to have for a dog in case of an emergency, but you have to make sure they won’t use it to open the door and get out of the house easily. Tie a tug toy or a rope on the handle so that your dog doesn’t have to keep jumping onto the door and damaging it. Once you have the rope tied to the handle, praise him when he uses it and tie it up at night so he can’t get out without you knowing.

2.  Skateboard

You’ve probably seen a dog skateboard on TV or on YouTube. They are amazingly popular, and with good reason. Most breeds such as pugs and bulldogs are perfect for skateboarding up and down your neighborhood. You may have to take things slow if you want to get your dog hopping on and off a flat board with wheels that moves them around unexpectedly.

6 tricks you should teach your dog

3.  Collect garbage

Collecting garbage is as easy as playing fetch for almost any dog, with one key difference – they are helping you out by collecting the rubbish. Give them a treat every time they do this and in no time your dog will start going out to collect the garbage without much prodding.

 4.  Walk backwards

If you think this would be thoroughly entertaining, you would be right. It’s not much more than a fancy party trick, but a lot of dogs love doing it once you help them get it right.

5.  Use the toilet

Crucially important to train your dog to use the toilet. It may seem impossible for most people, but if you look around on the web you’ll soon find tons of videos of dogs using toilets with ease. Start by telling your dog to go to the toilet and introduce them to a plastic litter box. Set a routine and keep praising and rewarding as you see fit.

6.  Handstand

This one is for more than just impressing your friends. Doing a handstand may actually be great for your dog. Think of it as yoga or exercise for the little puppy. You may have to help the dog gain upper body strength before you attempt this. Gently take his feet and place it on the wall when he arches his back. With practice he’ll start doing it all the time.

6 tricks you should teach your dog

6 Tricks You Should Teach Your Dog” was written by:

Guest Writer:  Andy Bell

Andy Bell is a pet-loving person. Among different pets, his favorite one is dog, so he always keeps updated about the top dog tips. He has written many dog health care blogs for dog lovers and dog owners. He enjoys spending time with his pet dog.


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8 thoughts on “6 Tricks You Should Teach Your Dog”

  1. I still remember when I taught “Ricky” our family dog to high five. It was easy. Ricky now can grab grocery package from market…

  2. Well done, Andy. I’d love to teach my dogs to collect trash. With two kids living here with me there’s no shortage of stuff they have left around. It’s probably easier to train the dogs to clean up after them than it is to get the kids to make the trip to the trash can.
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  3. Great post! I love all of these and we’ve taught all but two of them!

    I actually taught my dogs that they could only close the door with their noses by selectively marking nose pokes to the door only. Pawing at the door doesn’t get you any treats.

    I’ve always wanted to do the skateboarding trick! We are still on the lookout for a cheap skateboard, though! 😀 We are also working on the handstand but I’m not sure if we are going to get there or not.

    I am not going to train them to use our toilet, I don’t think they’d fit but they will go potty on cue outside. 🙂

    • Hey, Lauren. It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your two beautiful dogs. That’s cool what you taught them about closing the door. They’re well mannered, then. Good luck on the skateboarding trick. It so fun to see a dog do that. Take care!

    • The dogs collecting trash would have to be carefully supervised, of course, and only on cue. I do that with my 2-year-old grandson — I give him a little bag to throw in the trash because it makes him feel like he’s helping. It could work the same with the dogs.


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