4 Things to Do Before Bringing a New Kitten Home

Before Bringing a New Kitten Home

Playful and energetic, kittens bring a lot of joy to the families that adopt them. They also add a certain level of mischief and can wreak havoc in homes that haven’t been adequately prepared for them. Before bringing a new kitten home, follow these steps to ensure that both you and your new fur baby are set for a long and rewarding companionship.

Before Bringing Home a New Kitten
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Get Lots of Toys

Kittens sleepĀ between 16 and 20 hours a day but don’t let that angelic sleeping face fool you. These little creatures have tons of energy when they’re awake, and they will find trouble if they get bored. Buy lots of fun toys and attractive scratching posts to make sure your kitten has plenty to play with and scratch on besides your furniture. If you’re able, adopting two kittens is a great way to provide a playmate.

Before Bringing a New Kitten Home

Avoid Toxic Troubles

It’s no surprise that you’ll need to keep your kitten away from dangerous and toxic substances. What may come as a surprise, however, is just how crafty curious kittens can be. Some can open cupboards and leap onto high counters and workbenches, so make sure you’ve stored dangerous chemicals securely before bringing a new kitten home. Remember to look out for less obvious toxins like certain houseplants. If you use a pest prevention service, inform them you have a new family member and ask about pet-safe pest control options.

Remove Other Dangers

While securing toxins is an essential start to kitten-proofing a home, there are plenty of nontoxic items that can cause trouble, too. Tuck away electrical cord and the string of Venetian blinds so the kitten can’t reach them. Plastic bags can seem innocuous but can suffocate a kitten who gets stuck in one. Low-hanging tablecloths invite kittens to pull potentially heavy items off of tables and onto themselves. Put away breakable items, too, as your kitten could break them and then cut himself on the pieces.

How to Introduce a New Kitten to Your Cat

Find the Right Food

Lots of kittens have sensitive stomachs that make them finicky about what they eat. Find out what kind of food your kitten eats at her current home and get some. Feed your kitten that food when you first bring her home and then slowly transition her to the new food over a two week period. You can, of course, feed your new pet whatever diet you and your vet think is best. If you have to change her diet, do it slowly to avoid an upset tummy.

Taking these four critical steps before bringing a new kitten home can help make the transition a smooth one for all involved. Your new kitten will enjoy exploring her new home safely, and you’ll be able to spend time enjoying your new pet without worry.

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“4 Things to Do Before Bringing a New Kitten Home”

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