Birds in Action Building Their Love Nest, A Beautiful Sight to Behold

~ It’s a Beautiful Sight ~

I had opportunity to watch birds like these flying in and out of their nests while I was traveling in Colorado this past summer, feeding their young.  But I never actually saw any birds in action building their love nest like this before.  The following images come from a Reddit user and document two birds building a nest, step by step. Isn’t Mother Nature incredible?

Birds in Action Building Their Love Nest


Such a beautiful sight to behold, isn’t it.  Wow.  Blood sweat and tears?  No.  They use dirt, twigs and saliva.  I I find animal instinct so amazing, don’t you?


QUESTION:  Are you a bird-watcher? Do you know what kind of birds these are?  They’re not from my area, so personally I don’t know.  I would be curious to know though.

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8 thoughts on “Birds in Action Building Their Love Nest, A Beautiful Sight to Behold”

  1. Nature is so fascinating and enjoyable to behold. I am glad that you put things on your blog site like this Jeannie. This kind of stuff keeps me coming back for more!

  2. Since we see the birds building their love nest with blood, sweat and tears, I will say what is our excuse? Answer nothing! Lets take action!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Wow, birds are amazing. It’s always amazes me how birds are able to choose a spot that they want to live and just start building from the ground up. This was a pretty cool post. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those look like meadowlarks and the pics are just awesome. We have the opportunity to watch bird nesting every year, unfortunately it’s in the unfinished portion of the front porch and the birds that nest there are starlings and they bomb dive you every chance they get! Lol.. Still pretty cool to see first hand.
    Love this pot.

  5. That was beautiful and it just totally amazes me how birds make the perfect nest. We have Robins that tend to have babies in the spring and their nests are just perfect. Awesome post..

  6. Very Interesting Post. It is amazing how they build their nest. When I was a kid I would always see barn swallows build their nest on the side of the barn. Its a lot of work for those little birds. I seen they have a little bird nest you can buy and attach it to your window and watch the birds make their nest and raise their babies and through your window and they don’t see you but you see them. It would be a great way to watch them.
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. These look like the birds we have here in Texas. Though they are a bit different. They look a lot like scissor tails but yet they look smaller.


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