5 Common Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Potty Training Mistakes

Raising an obedient canine doesn’t come naturally to all pet parents. Most of the dog guardians consider their pooch as their family member and often feel like their mom or dad. But as much as we love our canines, we must remember that they are distinct from us in several wonderful and inspiring ways. In order to mould them into a balanced canine companion, we must honor and nurture all that makes our dog, a dog.

The most crucial part of training a dog is to teach them to use the potty outside. However, some mistakes can make the process frustrating. Old-fashioned or ineffective methods of training may result in nagging misbehavior and out-of-control pet. Luckily, we have outlined five common potty training mistakes that most pet owners are guilty of while training their pooch. Note the mistakes and save time and efforts while house training your pooch.

Hurrying the puppy up

Just like us humans, even dogs do not like to be hurried during their restroom break. Most of our pets tend to gravitate at a certain spot to go to potty. You might, therefore, have to walk your pooch around before he finds his perfect spot. If you try to hurry him, it will only overwhelm him and he might end up coming back home without finishing his business.

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Not paying attention

As opposed to humans, pets cannot tell you in words that they have to go pee or potty. When you potty train your pooch, you must learn to understand the subtle hints that they have to go potty. They might bark at you, paw at you or simply look at you when they need to go out. While house training your dog, you must try to learn and understand his behavior to speed up the process.

Getting angry in case of an accident

Another common mistake that most pet parents commit is getting angry with their furry friend when he has had an accident. Yelling, speaking in angry tones or spanking the puppy after an accident is a big “NO”. Punishment-based training might create additional problem behavior. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement-based training, which is certainly more effective. Give a loud clap or whistle when you notice your dog is about to potty in the house. This creates a distraction and provides a short window to take your pooch outside to finish the deed.

Taking the pet outside after the accident

Most pet parents take their pups outside after an accident. This act encourages accidents in future as the pets begin to consider that if they go inside, they will be taken outside immediately. There is no point in taking your pooch outside when the deed is done or nearly done.

Avoiding or overusing pet diapers

Dog diapers or belly bands are an easy and convenient way to house train your dog. Female dog diapers become indispensable when your pooch is in heat. It gives your furry friend the freedom to wander around the house while minimizing the mess and keeping your furniture safe. But it’s important to understand when your pet requires a diaper and when it is time to stop using them.

Whether you are using a dog diaper or house training your furry friend the traditional way, it is important that you avoid these five most common potty training mistakes.

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