How To Protect Your Pet from Pest Control Dangers

Follow this pet safe pest control guide to minimize risk to you and your pets' health before, during, and after pest extermination treatment.

Pet  Safe Pest Control Pest control activities are dangerous for all kinds of pets and certain measures to minimize the risks must be taken before, during and after pest extermination. Pest eradication activities quite often result in the death of domestic pets which fall victim to traps and poison, as sometimes it’s just impossible to … Read more

Hurricane Safety for Your Pets, Make a Disaster Plan

Hurricane safety for your pets is about setting up an Animal Disaster Plan that includes them before the next disaster arrives.

Hurricane Safety for Your Pets Guest Writer: Katie McBeth It seems to happen every couple of years: a massive hurricane makes its way through the southern states causing millions of dollars in damage and lost homes and lives. This year it was Hurricane Matthew, ripping through Haiti before hitting the shores of Florida, and dying … Read more

People Pampering Pets During the Holidays, an Infographic

People Pampering Pets During the Holidays

People Pampering Pets During the Holidays I recently took part in a survey put out by the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Influencer Community, asking us how much we spend on our pets during holidays.  Here are the results of people pampering pets during the holidays. BlogPaws Holiday Pet Blogger Influence and Christmas Gift Spending People Pampering Pets During the … Read more