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Chiweenies : Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix

Looking for the perfect lap dog? Maybe a cute Chiweenie is perfect for you. Chiweenies are low maintenance, lovable and cheerful. Sounds like the ultimate tiny dog. Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix What are Chiweenies? Chiweenies are a relatively new dog breed, developed in the late 1990s in order to minimize the back problems Dachshunds are … Read more

List of 4 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite

4 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite

Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite Maybe you want a companion for your early-morning jogs. Or perhaps you’re thinking about adopting a puppy for your daughter. Whatever your reasons for bringing a dog into your household, you should know that certain breeds are considered more dangerous than others. Here are just a few dog breeds most … Read more

Rottweiler Dog Breed Traits and Characteristics [Infographic]

The Rottweiler dog breed possesses inherent traits and characteristics, but each dog differs based on training, environment, and circumstance.

Rottweiler Dog Breed Traits & Characteristics The Rottweiler dog breed isn’t your typical fluffy, cuddly dog, or at least not on the outside. Rottweilers have an intimidating look about them, which is supported by their impressive strength. Rottweilers have gained an unfavorable reputation over the years, sadly due to mistreatment and unethical training. As with all dog breeds, … Read more