Guilty Dog Steals Toy From Baby, Then Makes Up For It

Guilty Dog Steals Toy From Baby

Guess What Happens Then?

Okay, so a guilty dog steals toy from baby but then proceeds to totally make up for it in the sweetest way.  Check this out.

Guilty Dog Steals Toy From BabyPublished on Apr 27, 2014

Cute, huh?  I don’t know … maybe we’re just anthropomorphizing.  To anthropomorphize (say that fast three times) is “to attribute human form or personality to things not human.”  Those of you who love animals know exactly what I mean. 


It’s all those times when your dog looks at you with those big brown eyes as you’re getting ready to go Guilty Dog Steals Toy From Babyout.  We interpret those eyes as being sad or lonely …   It’s those moments we’re sure they’re saying, “Aww, you are NOT going to leave me here at home ALL ALONE, are you?  Can’t I just go with you?”  Oh, okay.  How can you not take them, right?  Sometimes you just have to give in, or else live with the knowledge that you’re a mean and terrible animal parent.

Diary of a Sad Dog Viral Video, Canine Thoughts We Never Knew About is a perfect example.


Snobby Cat Cats are different.  They’re not as needy as dogs, for the most part.  But we still anthropomorphize, don’t we?  We give them qualities like snobbery … which is quite appropriate, if you ask me.  They could care less if you come or go, just as long as you feed them when they give you a sign.  You know, the “Meow” and the tail flick that’s saying, “Feed me, slave.”

You’ll enjoy this one too:  Diary of a Sad Cat Viral Video, Funny Cat Thoughts We Knew All Along

I need not go on, because you are owned by an animal … any animal … you know darn well what I’m talking about, and I love you for it.

Guilty Dog Steals Toy From Baby – FYI

By the way, the mother of both the baby and dog in the video says that said baby and said dog are still best friends.  The dog’s name is, “Charlie”.

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I hope you have enjoyed, “Guilty Dog Steals Toy From Baby, Then Makes Up For It

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7 thoughts on “Guilty Dog Steals Toy From Baby, Then Makes Up For It”

  1. That video is so awesome. Dogs are much smarter than we think. They are also so much a part of the family. Thank you for sharing this. It brought a smile to my face

  2. LOL, yeah my dog is so sad when we leave and my cats all have different personalities. My oldest cat is very vocal and he lets me know what he wants.

  3. I saw this video on FB and thought it was great,and I
    also shared it.I saw another one today of a baby and dog
    that was equally as cute.Those kind of videos just touch
    my heart and make my day.


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