Jessie Cat Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

with Jessie Cat

Not much going on today.

Jessie’s just hanging out on the back of the couch, her usual spot if she’s not in my lap.

Jessie Cat Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Jessie is a 16 years old tabby cat.

Her parents were feral and she was born in someone’s garage.

I was coming out of a store one day and noticed a sign on the bulletin board saying,

Jessie Cat Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

I called the phone number and said I was coming over right away.

I went back into the store, bought some cat food and kitty litter, then went to check out the kittens.

There were 3, maybe 4.  Jessie was (is) an identical twin, so it was difficult to choose.

I’m really glad I chose her.

Jessie Cat Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

I named her in memory of my father, who had died the year before.
~ Jessie Melanson ~

Incidentally, a good friend went and got Jessie’s twin sister and named her Molly.

Jessie Cat Sunday Selfies Blog Hop



Did you name any of your pets after a person you know?


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17 thoughts on “Jessie Cat Sunday Selfies Blog Hop”

  1. Aw, Jesse is BEAUTIFUL!

    The peeps have never named any of after peeps they knew but Nerissa, Desdemona, Beatrice and Constance were all named after Shakespearean characters. Unfortunately, Peep #1 screwed that up on account of Nissy and Dez being boys and all. MOUSES!

    Seville at Nerissa’s Life recently posted…eenie meenie miney moMy Profile

  2. Jessie looks like a real sweetie. How nice that your friend has her twin. Lily Olivia is also 16. A friend took in her three brothers. I believe only one is still living. We’ve never named any of our kitties (nine angels and the current eight) after anyone we know; though, we have considered naming a couple of girls after two of our past very wonderful vets (Audrey and Jeanmarie) and it will probably happen one day. So happy that you decided to join the blog hop. Hope you’ll come back often. Good luck with your project of gathering a list of the blog hops. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
    Kitties Blue recently posted…SENSATIONAL SWIZZLE’S SELFIEMy Profile

    • I’m glad you stopped by! Always nice to have a fellow-cat-lover visit my blog. “Lily Olivia” is such a sweet name for a cat. I love it. I’m also glad I joined the Sunday Selfie blog hop. It’s been fun hopping around to other blogs and meeting new humans and their cats. Take care! Come back soon, ya hear? 🙂

    • Hi Ellen. I think is sweet that you named your cat after your Mom, even if she is naughty. (Your cat, not your Mom.) 🙂 As far as I know, Jessie’s sister is still alive and well. I’m glad you stopped for a visit. I appreciate it when you do. Off to visit Phoebe now. Take care!

    • Hey, Lou! I’m happy that you came over for a visit too. I think it’s cool that Bugsy and Knuckles are litter mates. I love their names too! Yes, it is nice knowing where Jessie’s sister is. That’s a rare thing, maybe. Come back soon! Ciao for now.

  3. Jessie is a beautiful! She looks very much like my cat Daisy who was also originally feral. I rescued Daisy and her kittens from a city alley where they were at risk. I found homes for her kittens and kept her. She eventually became quite social. She passed away in 2009.
    The Daily Pip recently posted…Who’s Your Squishy?My Profile

    • Thanks for rescuing those cats! I would have done the same. It sounds like it was well worth it for you, and you got a great cat out of it. Good memories, I’m sure. Thanks for leaving me your comment. I appreciate you. 🙂


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