Just Jake : Black and White Sunday Blog Hop

Just Jake

~ Black and White Sunday Blog Hop ~

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Just Jake : Black and White Sunday Blog Hop

Just Jake, our a 14 year old rescue.

Just Jake : Black and White Sunday Blog Hop

Just Jake on another Black & White Sunday.


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Black and White Sunday is hosted by Sugar and Nola
Black and White Sunday



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6 thoughts on “Just Jake : Black and White Sunday Blog Hop”

  1. Jake is SO handsome. You are blessed to have him. After I lost Barkley my lab (who died within a couple weeks of only brother which prompted the book about them) I got a senior rescue. Abby. She was left at a high kill shelter, after multiple litters of puppies, heartworm positive in the middle of winter. Thanks to some wonderful people that rescue labs, someone drove 12 hours in the dead of winter to save her from being put down. 3 months later she was home with us furever. Se is the smartest and sweetest dog I’ve ever had.

    Thanks for your spirit and kindness.
    LB – Abby the Lab’s Mom

    • Thank you for sharing your stories with me, LB. First of all, sorry to hear about your brother, and Barkley. That had to be terrible for you. I’ll have to check out your book for sure. I really glad you have Abby now. Rescue dogs are always the sweetest dogs, it seems, aren’t they?

      They become forever grateful to you. Our Jake lived in an outdoor wire cage for the first 12 years of his life – winter, spring, summer and fall. Never allowed in the house. Then his owner died in the house, but wasn’t discovered for 7 or 8 days. Meanwhile Jake was outside with no food and only frozen water. It was March. The neighbors called us, we went over, and now Jake is attached to Jon like velcro. Forever grateful.

      Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you’ll come again. Peace.


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