Maisy the Cat : Almost Wordless Wednesday

Meet Maisy the Cat

We have a new addition to our household.  Maisy the Cat.

She showed up at my partner’s workplace, obviously homeless, but friendly as can be. And hungry too.

Naturally, he brought her home.

The jury’s still out as to whether our 17-year-old Jessie Cat will approve of this. They are having “issues.”

The jury may be out for a while.

Meet Maisy the Cat.

She looks like a Maine Coon. Isn’t she beautiful?

Meet Maisy the Cat, Maine Coon breed


This is our precious Jessie Cat.  She hates cats.

Jessie Cat


Incidently, Jessie was my father’s name, and Maisy was my mother’s nickname (Mae). It’s nice to have them together again.

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6 thoughts on “Maisy the Cat : Almost Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I’ve got two rescue stories regarding cats. My first cat, Smokey, had been brought to out vet hospital to be euthanized. Owners decided they didn’t want her anymore They turned over ownership to the vet hospital.. At the time I had two shelties and didn’t think they would get along. However, after two months I decided to take Smokey home. She’s an aloof cat but my sweetheart. Then a few years later while working part time at a garden nursery, Leo came along, hungry and very sick. The owner didn’t want him hanging around and asked the men to shoot him. I couldn’t bear this so when the owner was away, the staff agreed to let me take him home so he could get medical care. He had severe calichie virus. When the nursery owner found out Leo was in my home, she fired me. I guess because I didn’t ask for permission to save his life. She was kind of weird that way; you know, control freakish. They are both still with me. They get along most of the time; however, there are squabbles between the two cats which my oldest sheltie intervenes on my older cat’s behalf. I’ve never regretted how my family household has evolved over the years.
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    • Thank you for sharing such a lovely story, Feather. Those cats were lucky to find you, and I’m so glad everyone is getting along okay. It’s too bad that you got fired, though. I’m guessing she was more embarrassed, more than anything else. All the very best to you! Thanks for all that you do.


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