Hidden Conditions Could Make Your Pet Lick Excessively

Hidden Conditions Could Make Your Pet Lick Excessively

By Dr. Becker

Acral lick dermatitis, or ALD, is an injury caused by chronic licking that leads to inflammation and irritation of the skin.

If the licking occurs in one central spot that becomes thickened over time, it’s called an acral lick granuloma. A lick granuloma is a firm, raised, and ulcerated area of the skin that doesn’t heal because the kitty’s constant attention prevents the open wound from closing. The licking and inflammation make the skin itchy, which causes more licking, and a vicious cycle of licking and itching can occur.

Acral lick dermatitis can occur in any cat of any age and either gender. The condition is much more common in dogs than in cats, but because it can occur in cats and I’ve had requests for a video, here it is!

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