Draco Lizard, Is it Really a Flying Lizard?

Draco Lizard, Can this tiny lizard really fly? Find out why, and how, these little dragons can become airborne. Who knew?!

Draco Lizard – the Flying Dragon Draco is a genus of agamid lizards that also are known as flying dragons.  They are arboreal insectivores.  Because of the Draco lizard’s small size, it becomes dangerous to be grounded for any length of time while searching for food, attracting mates, and escaping danger.  Therefore, the Draco Lizard has, over thousands of … Click here to read more

Brutal Festival is Unacceptable. WARNING: Graphic Video

This brutal festival that takes place every year in February near Hanoi, Vietnam every year is archaic and barbaric. WARNING: Graphic Images

Brutal Festival is Unacceptable Nem Thuong village, Vietnam WARNING: Graphic Images Every year, a brutal festival is held in Nem Thuong hamlet, Khac Niem commune, Tien Du district in Bac Ninh province, north Vietnam.  (This village is near Hanoi.) This “festival” involves chopping a LIVE pig into two halves with a sword so that people can smear … Click here to read more

Pet Grooming for the Changing Seasons – Skin, Coat, Nails

Pet Grooming for the Changing Seasons

 Pet Grooming for the Changing Seasons Taking Care of Your Pet’s Skin, Coat, and Nails Pet grooming for the changing seasons is essential.  As the mercury rises and falls, changes in air pressure and humidity can impact pets’ skin, coat, and nail quality. Follow these guidelines to help keep your dogs and cats looking and feeling their best … Click here to read more