Stray Cat and Lynx meet for first time. Then what happens? Oh my!

What happens when a Stray Cat and Lynx meet for first time?

Oh my!  I can imagine your first thoughts!  Stray cat and lynx … meeting for the first time.  Hmm.  Do you envision a bad scene?

Fortunately, this story is the complete opposite of the blood and gore that would most likely occur when this type of meeting took place.  Apparently, the stray cat made its way into the zoo in St Petersburg, Russia, and wandered into the lynx’s enclosure.

The fast friends then started grooming each other in a show of feline solidarity and relentless human fawning.

The awesome friends in St. Petersburg Zoo, Russia

Now, I have to say that I have certain misgivings about zoos, and maybe you do too.  Without being for or against them for the moment, you have to admit that this stray cat and lynx combo make your heart sing a little bit?  It does mine.  I melt when I see unusual animal relationships like this.

The possibilities are endless.

Stray Cat and Lynx meet for first time


I hope you have enjoyed, “Stray Cat and Lynx meet for first time. Then what happens? Oh my!

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6 thoughts on “Stray Cat and Lynx meet for first time. Then what happens? Oh my!”

  1. awwwww absolutely loved this video. i like all things cats…and what two beautiful cats those were also! thanks for posting this vid, it made my day

  2. I truly enjoyed this. It just goes to show that sometimes there s a strange connection that only the universe can explain. Thank you for sharing.

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