Manatee Deaths Rising After Increased Dock Permitting


Manatee Deaths Rising Increased Dock Permitting Dangerous A new Center report shows that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Fish and Wildlife Service have failed to consider the cumulative impacts of thousands of recently permitted docks, piers and boat ramps on manatees. Boat strikes are the leading cause of death for these slow-moving, gentle … Click here to read more

Bearded Dragon FAQ : How to Keep Your Pet Lizard Healthy

Bearded Dragon FAQ Sheet

Bearded Dragon FAQ Keeping Your Pet Lizard Healthy and Happy Whether you’re new to the taking care of Bearded Dragon lizards or not, this Bearded Dragons FAQ sheet should answer your most basic questions.  It’s important to be in-the-know when taking care of your pet lizard.  Let’s give them the best life possible, shall we? Bearded … Click here to read more

Animal Defenders International Expose Brutal Monkey Farm [GRAPHIC]


Animal Defenders International Expose Brutal Monkey Farm An undercover investigation by Animal Defenders International (ADI) has filmed horrific treatment of monkeys at Biodia, a Mauritian monkey factory farm that supplies U.S. laboratories and whose monkeys could soon be behind bars in a new Florida breeding farm (1). The ADI findings come just days after the … Click here to read more