Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop 2, Featuring Shirley (Again)

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop 2

“Featuring Shirley (Again)”

In today’s Wordless Wednesday I would like to feature Shirley, my Bearded Dragon.  She is 5 months old and is now 13 inches long.  She is expected to grow up to 24 inches at maturity.  I love her to pieces.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop 2, Featuring Shirley (Again)
Shirley, my Bearded Dragon
Shirley, my Bearded Dragon






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Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop 2 Featuring Shirley (Again)



Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop 2, Featuring Shirley (Again)”

    • Jayne, I am definitely a hands on kind of gal. Some people advise new people to take their lizard home, let it settle for a couple of weeks, and THEN start handling it. (Yeah, like I’m going to do that.) I had her in my lap on the way home from the pet store! But that’s just me. I hold her a lot. I take her outside a couple of times a day as well, so she can get some real Vitamin D sunshine, and have a poop. 🙂 She likes the company and she falls asleep on me every evening. I put her to bed when I go.

  1. Hey Sweetpea: The way she eats crickets I am wondering if you mean she is 13 inches around or in length? I know you love her to no end and that is way cool Jeannie. I love you to no end too!!! The Birdman

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