How Much Do Snakes Cost To Bring Home?

How much do snakes cost

Snakes make fantastic exotic pets. They are beautiful, elegant, and have a little danger about them. They can also have surprisingly big personalities. But how much does it cost to buy a snake? And how much should you expect to spend on setting up a habitat for your reptilian friend and care for them over … Read more

What Do Parakeets Eat? Feeding 101

What do parakeets eat

Parakeets, called budgies in their native Australia, make fantastic winged companions. Cute and colorful, they come in a variety of shades and color combinations and are also friendly and tend to be very vocal. They’ll love to sit on your shoulder and try to steal your food. But you shouldn’t let them eat off your … Read more

What Size Tank Do Axolotl Need? Tank 101

Axolotl tank size

Axolotl are cute and friendly amphibians from the salamander family that make excellent exotic aquarium pets. Active and curious creatures, they also have a distinctive appearance, so watching them grow and thrive is a rewarding experience. But in order to thrive, your new pet needs the right habitat. This all starts with the right axolotl … Read more