How Old Is My Bearded Dragon?

How old is my bearded dragon

Hopefully, when you took your new bearded dragon home, the breeder or seller provided you with documentation that included important information such as your beardie’s date of birth or parentage. But if you adopt a beardie from a friend or a shelter, you may not have access to this information. While a vet should be … Read more

How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Cost?

How much does a bearded dragon cost

If you’re a reptile lover and considering buying or adopting one to bring home, you should be considering a bearded dragon. As well as being relatively easy reptiles to care for, they’re affectionate and will often bond with their people. They have a tendency to snuggle and treat you as a climbing post. But how … Read more

A-Z of Australia’s Endangered Wildlife

Australia is a country that is rightly proud of its incredible wildlife. It’s a country with so many species that are uniquely Australian, with more than 84% of its mammals, inshore fish, and flowering plants found only there. However, the modern world is doing the same kind of damage to Australia’s wildlife that it is … Read more

Invite Beneficial Bats to Patrol Your Garden

Invite Beneficial Bats To Patrol Your Garden

 Invite Beneficial Bats To Patrol Your Garden According to the World Health Organization, the mosquito is the greatest menace among all disease-transmitting insects. Mosquitoes not only spread yellow fever, dengue, and malaria but are also the reason for millions of deaths worldwide. As such, for bringing the population of mosquitoes down, bats could prove to … Read more