A-Z of Australia’s Endangered Wildlife

Australia is a country that is rightly proud of its incredible wildlife. It’s a country with so many species that are uniquely Australian, with more than 84% of its mammals, inshore fish, and flowering plants found only there. However, the modern world is doing the same kind of damage to Australia’s wildlife that it is doing elsewhere, with over 1,000 species of flora and fauna currently listed as endangered.

An A-Z of Australia's Endangered Wildlife

Conservationists are trying to save them, but without the awareness and support of the public, the future is looking grim for many Australian species. This A-Z poster highlights some of those in the most danger, as reported by the Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999. How many of them had you heard of before?

Endangered Species in Austrailia

For a start (and where better to start than with A?) there’s the wonderfully-named Armoured Mistfrog. They live in north-east Queensland and there’s believed to only be 500 of these animals remaining, though it’s hard to tell for sure as they’ve only ever been observed four times because they’re rather reclusive.

There are few species with a name quite so Australian as the Dibbler, but this small creature is very rarely seen in the wild and its hopes for the future lie with a captive breeding program at Perth Zoo. The Helmeted Honeyeater is the emblem bird of Victoria and is certainly a looker with a black eye mask, yellow ear-tufts, and plush gold ‘helmet’, but its habit has been decimated, leaving it close to extinction.

A-Z Collection of Really Cool Animals

Leadbeater’s Possum was thought to be extinct already until 1961, but this nocturnal, tree-dwelling possum is still struggling, having lost 80% of its numbers since the 1980s, with a further devastating loss of habitat in the 2009 bushfires in Victoria. And then there is the Zearaja Maugeana, a species of fish found in Bathurst Harbour and Macquarie Harbour, which has been threatened by pollution caused by tourism and mining.

Now you know the stories of some Australia’s endangered species, so the only question left is what can we all do about helping to save them. One thing you can do for a start is sharing this A-Z poster to spread awareness.

Thank you!

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How many of these endangered animals had you already heard about?

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