Capuchin Monkeys, Do These Primates Make Good Pets?

Capuchin Monkeys, Do These Primates Make Good Pets?

Do Capuchin Monkeys Make Good Pets? The first thing you must do if you’re thinking of having Capuchin monkeys as pets is to check the laws for exotic pets in your State. It is extremely important to know that capuchin monkeys, like other primates, can transmit certain diseases to humans. After rabies, Hepatitis is the most common. Capuchins can … KEEP READING …

Amber’s Sugar Gliders, One Cat, One Dog, and One Horse

amber's sugar gliders

Amber’s Sugar Gliders by Amber Owsiany Sugar Gliders (Petaurus Breviceps) have been on my ‘to-write-about’ list for some time now.  I’ve had numerous requests from curious people to write something about these little sweethearts. While doing research one day I came across a Sugar Glider group and left a message there asking if anyone had … KEEP READING …

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