Fascinating Facts About Reptiles – Reptile Awareness Day

10 of the most fascinating facts about reptiles, Reptile Awareness Day, October 21

Ten Fascinating Facts About Reptiles ExoticDirect pet insurance has collected ten of the most fascinating facts about reptiles for Reptile Awareness Day on October 21st. 1. There are four main reptile groups. Crocodilians, which includes alligators and crocodiles; Squamates, which includes lizards and snakes; Tuatara, which look like lizards but differ in their bone structure; Turtles. Turtles … KEEP READING …

10 Fascinating Facts About Iguanas – Iguana Awareness Day 8 Sept

10 Fascinating Facts About Iguanas, Iguana Awareness Day 8th September

10 Fascinating Facts About Iguanas To commemorate Iguana Awareness Day on September 8th, ExoticDirect pet insurance has collected ten of the most interesting, funny, downright weird, and fascinating facts about iguanas for your pleasure. So put the kettle on and prepare to be amazed (or at least mildly interested) by these wonderful animals. 10 Fascinating Facts About … KEEP READING …

Jamaican Iguana Thought to be Extinct Makes a Comeback

Jamaican Iguana

Jamaican Iguana ~ An Endangered Species ~ The Jamaican iguana (Cyclura collei) is a large species of lizard of the genus Cyclura endemic to Jamaica. It is the largest native land animal in the country and is now on the critically endangered list.  The Jamaican iguana was actually considered extinct between 1948-1990. Once found throughout Jamaica … KEEP READING …

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