Worldwide Animal Portrait Artists Resource List

 Animal Portrait Artists

This Animal Portrait Artists resource list is for you. There’s nothing quite like having a drawing or a painting of your beloved pet on the wall, something that will last a very long time. This list (will) feature artists from around the world, working with all media – pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pastels, acrylic, oil, even fabric … What am I forgetting? I list the artists here, according to the country in which they live.

Bear with me as I build this page. I have much research to do. Thanks for visiting, and let me know your experiences with the artists here. If you commission any animal portrait artists to do a piece for you, let me know how happy you are with the results. I’d love to hear about it.

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Animal Portraits Artists – CANADA

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Animal Portraits Artists – UNITED STATES


Featuring Animal Portrait Artist : Sheri Hoeger, USA : Animal BlissArtist: Sheri Hoeger  ♦  California, USA (see Featured Blog Post)

Medium: Pastels and Acrylic

Projects: Pet Portraits, Murals; Borders, Garlands & Motifs; Faux & Decorative Finishes; Fine Art, Paintings & Panels; and Public Art, Giclees, and Note Cards.  Teaches “How to paint your pet” classes.

Ships: Internationally

Website: Art To Live By  ♦  Facebook – Sheri Hoeger Art  ♦  Contact email  or  Phone: 916-501-1790



Animal Portrait Artist - Jenna Whittaker, Mississippi, USA  Artist: Jenna Whittaker ♦ Mississippi, USA (see Featured Blog Post)

  Medium:  Arylic paints and Digital art

  Projects: Pet Portraits, Book Covers, etc.  Also paints people, environments and architecture, and fantasy creatures.

  Ships: highest quality digital file, via email, dropbox, which can then be printed.

 Website: JennaWhittaker Art ♦  Facebook: Jenna Artwork ♦  Contact email


New York



Artist:  Kate Crosgrove  ♦ Brooklyn, New York (see Featured Blog Post)

Media:  Oil Paint in Linen

Projects:  Currently paints dogs and cats but is open to portraying any animals.

Instagram: @colossal_portraits



Pet Portrait Artist: Jessica Cancio Sylvania ♦ Ohio, USA Artist:  Jessica Cancio Sylvania  ♦ Ohio, USA

Mixed Media:  Watercolor & Pen & Ink

Projects:  Specialize in pet portraits: dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Ships:  Internationally

Website:  J Cancio Furry Friend Art  ♦  Facebook: Cancio – Furry Friend Art  ♦  Instagram: @jcfurryfriendart  ♦  Contact email



Animal Portrait Artist -arah Wilde,Wilde About Animals, Portland, Oregon, USAArtist:  Sarah Wilde   ♦  Portland, Oregon, USA

Medium:  Digital, with Wacom tablet and stylus, Corel Painter Software, and loads of custom brushes. Her usual style is pastel, though she also does watercolor-style paintings.

Projects:  Commission pet portraits, Prints of paintings.  Cats, dogs, some horses, even a Bearded Dragon!

Ships:  International – Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, even Israel!

Etsy Shop: Wilde About Animals  ♦ Facebook – S Wilde 44  ♦ Contact email



Pet Portrait Artist - Pat Salopek, Pennsylvania, USAArtist:  Pat Salopek  ♦  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Medium:  Oils, pastel chalk and acrylic

Projects:  Dog portraits, landscapes, seascapes and people (sometimes)

Other Info:   I am also a certified instructor for the Alexander Art Company which specializes in the wet on wet method. I teach in various local areas near my home.

Contact:   Facebook: Creative Art by Pat  ♦ Facebook Profile ♦  Contact email  ♦  Phone: 412-461-5185



Christine Merrikin Musser, Felt Artistic - Washington, USA Artist: Christine Merrikin Musser  ♦  Washington, USA

 Medium: Needle felt, for its ability to sculpt with colored fibers (many of which are hand dyed by her.  “Thunderfoot” English Angora pet rabbit, produces wool often used in pet sculptures.  Also fused glass, polymer clay, hand painted silk, papier mache, and more.

 Projects: felt figures, mobiles, pins, cake toppers, scarves, fused glass jewelry and decor, polymer clay switch plates, and more.

2 Website(s): Felt Artistic and Merrikin Designs  ♦  Facebook Page  ♦  Contact email



Animal Portrait Artist, Chris Beetow Waukesha Wisconsin USAArtist: Chris Beetow  ♦  Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Medium: Digital

Projects: Whimsical pet portraits that capture a pet’s personality

Ships: Digital delivery worldwide

Website:  Chris Beetow Illustration  ♦ Facebook Page  ♦   Contact email


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Animal Portraits Artists – EUROPE


Animal Portrait Artists, Minzoo Nfelting - Madrid, Spain  Artist:  Minzoo Nfelting  ♦  Madrid, Spain

 Medium: Needle felting

 Projects: Horses Gallery  ♦  Pets Gallery

 Website: Minzoo Nfelting  ♦  Facebook: minzoo.nfelting   ♦  Contact Minzoo 


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Animal Portraits Artists – AUSTRALIA

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Animal Portraits Artists – UNITED KINGDOM


Pet Portrait Artist - Colette BrownriggArtist:  Colette Brownrigg  ♦  Christchurch, Dorset, UK

Medium:  Primarily graphite, coloured pencil or water colour; sometimes acrylic or oils for larger pieces

Projects:  Portraits on commission, mostly of dogs and cats, and have illustrated other animals and wildlife in the past for publication.

Website:  Colette Brownrigg  ♦  Facebook: Portraits by Colette


Pet Portrait Artist Lise Richardson, EnglandArtist:  Lise Richardson  ♦  Bath, Somerset, UK

Medium:  Watercolour, gouache

Projects:  Pet portrait illustrations, dog greeting cards and gifts

Website:  Lise Richardson  ♦ Facebook: Lise Richardson Art   ♦  Contact email



Pet Portrait Artist Jay Brockbank, England

Artist:  Jay Brockbank  ♦  Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England

Medium:  Ink in the pointillism style

Projects:  Mainly Pet and horse portraits, but also likes to do wildlife portraits

Ships:  International

Facebook:  JayB-Artworks  ♦  Contact email



Abi O'Dea, Animal Portrait ArtistArtist:  Abi O’Dea  ♦  Arnold, Nottingham, UK/ENGLAND

Medium:  Graphite pencil and markers

Projects:  Mainly animals, but also does fan art of Disney films and other films

Ships:  Within the UK

Facebook:  AbisPetPortraits


 Kate Evans, Horse, Animal Portrait ArtistArtist:  Kate Evans  ♦  Cardiff, UK

Kate Evans, Pet Portrait ArtistMedium:  Graphite and Oils

Projects:  Animal Portraits

Notes:  I have made time-lapse videos quite a few of the pet portraits I have done this year. The videos I create excite my clients before the artwork is mailed to them.  Here is an example:

Website:  Red Maiden Art   ♦  Facebook: RedMaidenArt



Pet portrait artist, Eilidh Geddes, ScotlandArtist:  Eilidh Geddes  ♦  Thurso, Scotland

Medium:  Graphite, pastel and soon coloured pencil too!

Projects:  Pet portraits

Ships:  Internationally

Facebook:  Pet Portraits by Eilidh Geddes



Pet Portrait Artist: Julie Heath: Ruthin, North Wales, UKArtist:  Julie Heath: Ruthin, North Wales, UK

Medium:  Pastel and coloured pencils

Projects:  Portraits of animals and people too.

Contact:  Facebook: Julia Heath Pet Portrait Artist


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