Miniature Pigs as Therapy Animals – Meet Buttercup!

Miniature Pig and Autistic Kids, Meet Buttercup : Therapy Pig

A Therapy Pig Named Buttercup What do you get when you mix a miniature pig and autistic kids?  Buttercup, the therapy pig!  This amazing little critter is a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who visits special-needs children in San Francisco schools, alongside her owner, a speech pathologist, Lois Brady. Lois and Buttercup work with individuals between the … Click here to read more

Dangerous Plants For Cats: Your Cat and Poisonous Plants

Dangerous Plants for Cats - Your Cats and Poisonous PLants

Dangerous Plants For  Cats It is an indisputable fact that cats are naturally curious creatures, playing with, and chewing plants in and around your home. One also acknowledges how such a characteristic can put them in danger – primarily due to toxic plants.  While plants and flowers can brighten up your home or garden and … Click here to read more