Keeping Your Dog Safe From Outside Dangers

Keeping Your Dog Safe From Outside Dangers

Dogs love nothing more than a good walk outside with their owner, but keeping your dog safe from outside dangers is important. The most common injury for dogs is eating something that is poisonous or harmful – and the outdoors are filled with various animals and substances that could cause serious damage. Of course, you must take your pet to the vet if they are ill – but you should also clue up about keeping your dog safe outside to reduce the chance of something bad happening. Here are three things you should consider when you take your dog outside.

Keeping your dog safe from outside dangers and harm is very important.
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Rodents are one of the most common transmitters of disease to dogs, so it is essential to keep your yard free from rats and mice. When you are out on a walk together, avoid walking your dog next to areas of stagnant water, as this can attract mice and rats. Instead, stick to public parks and pathways where your pup is less likely to encounter a rodent. Both rats and mice can pass on leptospirosis, which is one of the most contagious diseases a dog can catch.

Snails And Slugs

Snails and slugs in the United States are not poisonous to dogs (although they can be poisonous in warmer countries). However, they can cause a lungworm infestation, which can cause coughing, bronchitis and difficulty breathing. If you think your dog may have lungworm, take him to see the vet immediately.
The shells of snails can cause other problems too, such as gastrointestinal obstruction or gastrointestinal upset. For this reason, it is best to stop your dog from eating snails if you see him doing it – and keep him away from slug and snail bait because it contains metaldehyde, which is deadly for dogs.

Garden And Field Fertilizers

The Pet Poison Helpline found that fertilizer is one of the most frequently reported causes of dog poisoning, so try to avoid walking your dog through recently fertilized fields. This is important, as the report stated that many dogs like the taste of fertilizer, so they will be tempted to eat it. Large ingestions can cause severe pancreatitis, which can be very distressing for both you and your dog.

Dogs are curious creatures, so it is important to watch over them when you are outside. They may think that a mouse or a snail looks like a tasty snack, but in reality, it is safer to keep them away from pests and insects.


“Keeping Your Dog Safe From Outside Dangers”

Guest Author: Jane Sandalwood

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  1. Safety is a big part of our lives here….that is one thing I took away from my military experience as they stressed SAFETY so much! So little things like being prepared as I let my dogs run outside where the wildlife are also running about. Just the idea rabbits and squirrels may be bring ticks onto the property is something to think about, and to put a preventative on my dogs. I opt for chemical free “solution” if you will but anyway…..You hit the mark with this post! Running with my dogs on trails, on roads, etc and being safe while doing so. And topping all that off keeping others safe from us using the same paths. So much to consider to make it more pleasant and fun!


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