Freshwater Discus Fish Facts

Freshwater Discus Fish Facts: Tropical Fish

Discus fish belong to the family Cichlidae and the genus Symphysodon. The three natural species of discus fish go by the scientific names Symphysodon discus, Symphysodon aequifasciatus, and Symphysodontarzoo. In addition to these native species, there are a variety of man-made discus species produced through selective breeding and natural mutations. Though discus fish are a … Read more

10 Most Popular Gourami Fish, Care Tips and Facts

10 Most Popular Gourami Fish, Care Tips and Facts

Gourami fish are one of the favorite freshwater fish for the beginner and experienced aquarists alike. They are known for their incredible colors and easy-going temperaments. Interested in keeping Gourami? This complete guide features 10 of the most popular Gourami species – along with a few facts and care tips! 10 Types of Gourami Fish 1. … Read more

Caring For A Betta Fish Infographic

Did you know betta fish are one of the most popular first pets amongst aquatic species? Part of the reason is that caring for a betta fish is easier than with other similar species. First-time caretakers also prefer betta fish because of their beautiful flowing fins and coloring. Betta fish have amazing personalities and the … Read more