How do Chameleons Change Color? Their Secrets Revealed

How do chameleons change color? We know why -- they're frightened, angry, stressed. But the question remains, HOW do they accomplish this?

How do Chameleons Change Color? This post may contain affiliate links. It is a common misconception that chameleons change their color to match their environment.  Rather, chameleons change their color when they are frightened, angry, stressed — or in response to temperature or other environmental changes, as well as being responsive to light.  Hormones that … KEEP READING …

Secret Toadhead Agama, What Surprise Are They Hiding?

Secret Toadhead Agama, What Surprise Are They Hiding?

Secret Toadhead Agama What secret does the Secret Toadhead Agama have in store for its attackers, or any other perceived threat? I’ll tell you in a minute. This little guy, otherwise known as Phrynocephalus mystaceus, is a species of  lizard found in Iran, North Afghanistan, Eastern Caucasus, Kazakhstan, and possibly in south of Astrakhan Oblast. This species … KEEP READING …

Mata Mata Turtle Facts, Unique, One of a Kind Turtle

Meta Meta Turtle

Mata Mata Turtle The mata mata turtle, mata-mata, or matamata (Chelus fimbriata) is a freshwater turtle found in South America, primarily in the Amazon River and its tributaries in Peru, Venezuela, Guiana, and Brazil.  It is the only existing species in the genus Chelus, making it truly unique. Mata Mata Turtle Facts The mata mata turtle is a large, sedentary turtle with … KEEP READING …

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