3 Technologies Vets Use to Care for Your Pets

Humans are not the only ones that benefit from tech advances. Here are 3 technologies vets use to care for your furry friends.

3 Technologies Vets Use There is no doubt that technology has had a significant impact on medicine and a significant impact on human health. Some of these technologies include portable ultrasound machines, technology helping people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels, and a wide range of fitness monitors helping people lead healthier lives. Humans are not the … KEEP READING …

Building A Bug Hotel DIY (Infographic) Attracting Insects

Building A Bug Hotel DIY (How-to Infographic)

Building A Bug Hotel If you’re looking to take on a fun gardening project for the Summer, how about building a bug hotel? Constructed from plant material and assorted garden bric-a-brac, these low-cost structures are designed to attract and shelter commonly-found garden insects and mini-beasts. A sure-fire way to add plenty of charm to any garden, … KEEP READING …

Keeping it Cool: 10 Tips for Exercising Your Dog in the Summer

Keeping it Cool: 10 Tips for Exercising Your Dog in the Summer

Exercising Your Dog in the Summer According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, approximately 56% of dogs in the United States are either overweight or obese. Just like in humans, being overweight can cause a variety of health problems in our pets, including heart disease, diabetes, and even an increased risk of cancer. Besides … KEEP READING …

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