A-Z of Australia’s Endangered Wildlife

Australia is a country that is rightly proud of its incredible wildlife. It’s a country with so many species that are uniquely Australian, with more than 84% of its mammals, inshore fish, and flowering plants found only there. However, the modern world is doing the same kind of damage to Australia’s wildlife that it is … Read more

4 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Weight for Your Cat

Much like people, the definition of a healthy weight differs from cat to cat. While some breeds are obvious exceptions to the rule, most domestic adult cats fall between the 8-12 lbs range. It’s always a good idea to get the advice of a professional veterinarian first if you have any concerns about your cat’s … Read more

Holistic Health Care Can Help Your Dog Increase Overall Wellness

Holistic Care for Dogs

Holistic health care alternatives to traditional medicine were always present. Nowadays, they are available for dogs, as well. Even conventional veterinarians, sometimes, suggest holistic treatments together with regular pet care. Those techniques are especially helpful for pain relief, stress and anxiety disorder, and injuries. In this article, we will show you how holistic health care … Read more

Vivisection: Is the Murder of Animals Justified?

Vivisection: Is the Murder of Animals Justified?

Many people nowadays, including doctors and scientists, are questioning the killing and suffering of animals for the sake of human beings. The issue of killing animals for the use of education, biomedical research, and cosmetics is commonly referred to as “vivisection.” Each year, nearly 26 million animals are used for commercial and scientific testing in … Read more