Biggest Mistakes Wavy Parrot Owners Make

We all love our beautiful parrots – the greatest birds to have graced this earth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common mistakes wavy parrot owners make that you’ll want to avoid. Let’s take a look at all the “Don’ts” of how to care for a parrot. This information is important if you have a bird in your home, or if you’re considering purchasing one.

DON’T Use Any Brands of Nonstick Pans

Even in spite of all the warnings, the fumes that become released from nonstick cooking pans that have overheated are very bad for bird health. Teflon and other nonstick coatings release harmful chemicals in the air when overheated. You’ll want your pet to stay clear of any adverse effects from these pans.

DON’T Tolerate Behaviors That No One Else Would Tolerate

So many bird owners say their birds have behavioral problems that no one else would be able to tolerate. It’s almost as if they wear this on a badge and want the whole world to know how courageous they are. It’s a problem, as many parrots live for an extremely long time which means that owners set them up for potential failure. Don’t tolerate serious behavioral problems – get them resolved instead of tolerated or even ignored.

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DON’T Respond To Undesirable Behaviors By Giving Your Parrot Attention

If your parrot is doing something bad or undesirable, a lot of pet owners might yell at them but will not offer them positive encouragement when doing good behavior. This is a problem, as bad pet behavior then becomes rewarded with attention, which causes complications. It’s a good idea to purchase parrot toys that can help with behaviors.

DON’T Get A Parrot If You’re a Neat Freak

Make sure you can tolerate the mess birds make in their parrot cage. If you have some OCD about cleanliness or if you’re a neat freak, a parrot may not be the best pet for you. Do consider this because a parrot isn’t just for Christmas, it’s a pet for life.

Biggest Mistakes Wavy Parrot Owners Make

DON’T Skip on Checkups – Parrot Care Is Important

You must take your pet to the vet for frequent checkups. Birds are very good at disguising their illnesses, so waiting until they show signs of symptoms is usually a bad idea because by then they may have become very sick. Don’t skip on checkups. Take your bird to a vet at least once a year so that you can avoid problems before they develop.

DON’T Expect Your Bird To Talk

Parrots have a reputation for being able to talk, but this doesn’t mean that every single one will talk. There is no guarantee that your pet will be able to talk because every environment is different. If you’re going to harass your pet to talk and think about how to teach a parrot to talk all the time when it doesn’t want to, this is going to be pointlessly tedious. You could stress your pet out and give it a hard time, causing negative impacts on its health.

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DO Have A Good Veterinarian Available

It’s a common mistake that people who get a bird never know what to do in an emergency. If you don’t know of an experienced avian veterinarian, you should find one now. The last thing you’ll want is to have an emergency on your hands that you won’t be able to deal with. Navy parrots are complex birds and a vet without familiarity with parrots will not do.

Wrap Up

So whether you’re going to purchase a bird, or you have one already, it’s important to know what not to do. Now that you’re more aware of these facts, you’ll be better equipped to handle parrots in the future.

Best of luck! 



“The Biggest Mistakes Wavy Parrot Owners Make”

Guest Writer: Rae is a massive animal lover and owns multiple pets at home. She used to work as a veterinary scientist for many years and even developed some parrot toys. Nowadays, Rae works part-time as a copywriter, writing about all sorts of topics on


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Do you own a parrot? Are there any mistakes that you can think of that we could add to this list?


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