Tips to Attract Wild Birds to Your Backyard: Become a Bird Watcher

Attract Wild Birds to Your Backyard

Are you an urban bird lover? What’s there not to love about these chirpy animals? They are carefree and never seem to deplete their energy stores. Birds are beautiful, and the fact that there are thousands of species means they offer a mosaic of color, especially in their natural habitat. With the modern hectic urban lifestyles, you might not have the privilege of seeing these beautiful creatures do their thing. Luckily, you can now attract wild birds to your backyard, and this has, in fact, become a favorite pastime for nature-starved urbanites.

How to Attract Wild Birds to Your Backyard

Wild birds are very cautious animals, and before they start coming to your home, they scout the environment to ensure there is no danger lurking around. Most importantly, they want an environment that looks and feels natural, where they will find food and feel safe. If you are planning to create an attractive bird environment, you must consider the following:

1. Provide Food and Water

There are different types of feeders which you can buy from wild bird store online, and they are suited for different kinds of birds. These include owl boxes, tube feeders, and platform feeders, among others. A birdbath is also necessary because most bird species are instantly attracted to standing water.

For colder regions, a heated water bath is a perfect way to attract wild birds to your backyard. Add shrubs and densely populated trees for food and cover, and make sure you have decaying logs for the insect lovers.

Tips to Attract Wild Birds to Your Backyard
Photo: Jon Myrmel

2. Create Bird Attractions

One of the best ways to naturally bring wild birds to your property is by providing irresistible attractions. Among these is a bubbler, or water fountain, which almost no bird species can resist. You should also plant evergreens on the property which provide much-needed shelter both during cold and warm weather.

3. Shelter

While birds are known for their creativity in house-building, there is a dearth of materials they can use in urban areas. When you provide a nest or birdhouse, you will start attracting a large variety of birds. The best thing about some species is that they breed and move on, leaving their nests for other bird species to use. There are different types of nesting birds including cup nesting birds, ground-nesting birds, mud nesting birds, and cavity-nesting birds among others. Remember to provide a variety of nests that suit these unique breeding habits for different birds.

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Types of Birds You Can Attract

Most bird species in urban areas are unique and spectacular. They will add life to your property and if you grew up accustomed to the chirping of birds in the morning, attracting these animals is a no-brainer. You will never tire watching them while relaxing. Wild birds make your outdoor space the favorite spot on your property.

Some of the common wild birds you can attract include house finches, goldfinches, western scrub jays, Anna’s hummingbirds, northern mockingbirds, California Towhee, American robins, Steller’s jay, western bluebirds, and hooded orioles, among others.

Whether you are a bird lover or not, these animals will enliven your property and give you an enjoyable view. Isn’t it time you started attracting wild birds to your backyard using these tips?



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  1. I used to have so many types of birds in the Spring. Summer it dwindled down. Now I do not have any. Same food and water…Is it because an Owl moved into the neighborhood. Not even a Grackle or Sparrow, I am stumped. They dumped me.


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