Celebrating Monkey Day : Dec 14, #MonkeyDay

Celebrating Monkey Day

Celebrating Monkey Day December 14 is an unofficial international holiday for celebrating Monkey Day.  Worldwide, this day is enjoyed by acting like monkeys, attending costume parties, creating art, music, competitions, and just generally encouraging monkey business. But on a more serious note, celebrating Monkey Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the theory of … Read more

Easy DIY Projects for Cat Lovers

easy DIY projects for cat lovers

Easy DIY Projects for Cat Lovers You’re most likely a cat-lover, if you clicked on the title of this post. Or maybe you’re looking for something unique to create for a friend who’s crazy about felines. These easy DIY projects for cat lovers may be just what you’re looking for. The following infographic shows 3 … Read more

Winter Care for Your Dog

Winter care for your dog is as important as it is in the summer.

Winter Care for Your Dog Guest Writer:   Matt Rhoney Dogs need baths. Even in the winter. Dogs are sweet little honest creatures, and that honesty gets them into some icky situations. You’d think it would be hard to get dirty in the snow—snow is water, after all (shouldn’t that count as a bath?)—but dogs are … Read more