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January 2016 –

7 Reasons Your Family Needs a Dog

7 Reasons your Family Needs a Dog

7 Reasons your Family Needs a Dog Guest Writer:  Lizzie Weakley Dogs can add to the quality of your life in many ways. Anyone who has had a dog for a companion knows what great pets they are. If you’ve never had a dog, you have been missing out on a great experience. Here are … Read more

Cats Have 10 Super Powers – At Least

Cats Have 10 Super Powers

Did You Know Cats Have 10 Super Powers? You may not have realized that cats have 10 super powers, but it’s true!  They’re fast, world class jumpers, strong, and crazy flexible. Their eyesight and hearing are excellent, and they’re ninja sneaky.  They’re expert at napping and have been around for thousands of years.  Plus, they can … Read more

What is Propolis : Is it Good for My Dog?

What is Propolis? Is it Good for My Dogs?

What is Propolis? Guest Author:  Bruce Harte Everybody knows what honey is, its uses as a food, its health benefits, and that it comes from the hives of honey bees; but in comparison, relatively few people know what propolis is, or have much information about it. This article puts forth information on propolis and explains … Read more

Pet Blogger Challenge 2016

It’s time for the 6th annual Pet Blogger Challenge 2016, meant to celebrate, motivate, educate, and connect Pet Bloggers worldwide. Are you ready?

Pet Blogger Challenge 2016 Another new year has begun, which is a perfect time for bloggers to look at the past year and to consider any changes you might want to make in your blogging in 2016.  It’s also time for the Pet Blogger Challenge 2016 (the 6th annual), meant to celebrate, motivate, educate, and … Read more

Is Your Tap Water Safe for Your Pets?

Is your tap water safe for your pets?

Tap water often contains impurities that can cause health problems for you and your pets. These include phosphate, nitrate, chlorine, and various heavy metals (see fuller list below). High levels of phosphate and nitrate fuel aggressive algae growth, and copper, often present in tap water due to leaching from pipes, is highly toxic to invertebrates, … Read more