Cats Have 10 Super Powers – At Least

Did You Know Cats Have 10 Super Powers?

You may not have realized that cats have 10 super powers, but it’s true!  They’re fast, world class jumpers, strong, and crazy flexible. Their eyesight and hearing are excellent, and they’re ninja sneaky.  They’re expert at napping and have been around for thousands of years.  Plus, they can fall from great heights and land on their feet.

Cats Have 10 Super Powers

Image:  Kevin Cooley, Flickr


10 Cat Super Powers

Infographic kindly created by Vebo Pet

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Does your cat have a super power I haven’t mentioned here?

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6 thoughts on “Cats Have 10 Super Powers – At Least”

    • Oh, I hear you, Pamela. One of our cats likes to run around on the bed. It doesn’t matter if she jumps on your face or not. But we love them, don’t we? Thanks for stopping by Animal Bliss.

  1. I had a cat called Sandman because he was the color of sand. I also had Hercules. He was given to me, his weight was 20 lbs and in the mornings he would hit our bedroom door and say helloo


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