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May 2014 –

Information About Bearded Dragons, Pagona Genus

General Information about Bearded Dragons

Information About Bearded Dragons Pagona Genus Today I am sharing some general information about Bearded Dragons with you. Why?  Because I’ve recently become a Bearded Dragon junky.   Maybe you’d like to join me in my addiction?  🙂  Isn’t this one a handsome one? >General Information about Bearded Dragons The term “bearded dragon” is most … Read more

Animal Odd Couples BBC Documentary, Wildlife and Pets

Animal Odd Couples BBC Documentary

Animal Odd Couples BBC Documentary It’s always fascinating to see animals behaving in ways that we would never expect.  It’s even more amazing when we see species that normally wouldn’t come together exhibit signs of affection and even love towards each other.  Why is it that certain unusual partnerships take place? This animal odd couples BBC … Read more