Bearded Dragon Shedding Process : What to Expect

Is your Bearded Dragon looking a dull, grayish? It's most likely going through the Bearded Dragon shedding process. Read all about it here.

Bearded Dragon Shedding Process You may be wondering what’s happening if you see your Bearded Dragon one day looking a dull grayish/white. He may be cranky, listless, or not eating. Don’t worry, it’s the bearded dragon shedding process taking place.  It’s also known as ‘molting’ and all reptiles go through it. DISCLOSURE: This article may … Click here to read more

Bearded Dragon Hydration During Brumation

Bearded Dragon Hydration During Brumation

Bearded Dragon Hydration During Brumation It’s that time of year again, when our Bearded Dragons have most likely gone into brumation.  For those that don’t know, brumation is like a hibernation, except they don’t shut down completely like bears do.  Brumation is a natural process that happens with light and temperature changes during the colder … Click here to read more

Getting a Bearded Dragon? What You’ll Need. #ReptileCare

Getting a Bearded Dragon? Here's what you will need.

Getting a Bearded Dragon? ~ Here’s What You’ll Need to Get Right Away~ This post is sponsored by petMD Reptile Center®, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Reptile Ownership, but ANIMAL BLISS only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. petMD and … Click here to read more