A Boy and a Bearded Dragon, a Wordless Wednesday

A Boy and a Bearded Dragon : a Wordless Wednesday Post

A Boy and a Bearded Dragon Wordless Wednesday I present to you … my Grandson and my Bearded Dragon. Landen will be one year old TOMORROW! Shirley turned one last month. It’s a fascinating thing … Here’s Landen’s famous “kiss” for the lizard   … forehead to forehead … (Nice and safe.) Here’s Shirley getting … Read more

Shirley Has Awakened, 25 Days Sleep

Shirley Has Awakened

Shirley Has Awakened! Shirley has awakened!  Shirley is my Bearded Dragon.  She has been going through a process that Bearded Dragons go through called “brumation.”  It’s a lighter version of a bear’s hibernation and the process varies from dragon to dragon.  Some sleep for days, some for weeks, some even for months. I was glad … Read more