Ducklings Climbing Steps for First Time to be w/ Mother Duck

Ducklings Climbing Steps for First Time

While you watch this video of ducklings climbing steps for first time to be with the mother duck, I’ll bet you almost anything that you find yourself wanting to get right in there to help. I couldn’t help cheering them on and celebrating each one as they accomplished the task   Did they all make it?

Watch and find out!  😆

A Little Education About Duck Eggs and Hatching

  • Female ducks, or hens, lay up to nine eggs per breeding season — one each day. Once all the eggs have been laid, brooding begins. Choosing a nest safe from predators in tall grasses, the hen occupies the nest, intermittently warming her eggs for 22 to 28 days. After this period of time, the eggs hatch and the ducklings are brought into the world. Before hatching, the ducklings absorb their eggs’ yolks, which allows them to survive without feeding for up to two days. After hatching, their downy feathers are quite wet.

Week One

  • The first week of life sees some of the quickest developments in ducklings.  Depending on the species, ducklings can grow up to 1 oz. per day. After hatching, and once their feathers have dried, the ducklings will be led to water by the hen. There they will begin to eat insects and grass around the water. Ducklings may not go into the water until after the first week, however. Within three days, the ducklings will develop their oil glands to assist them with preening. Similarly, their legs will thicken and become stronger.

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Ducklings Climbing Steps for First Time

So there you have it.  I have read the ducklings only sit in the nest for one day, so quite possibly, these ducklings climbing steps may very well only be one or two days old.  How sweet is that?

This video of ducklings climbing steps for first time to be with their mother is the cutest thing. Of course, the ducklings are successful


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MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAYWhat would you have done?  Would you have tried to help them, or just watched things take their course?

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It’s just sexy!

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  2. I love the picture of the ducklings climbing the curb! Who doesn’t like cute little ducklings? Always good to brighten your mood. Thanks for the post Jeanne.

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